Thanks so much for visiting my website and wanting to get to know myself and my photography a little more! With all professional stand points aside, I want to use this section to write as me. I'm going to speak from the heart, make it meaningful and real. I'm sure with some major grammar errors that you can make fun of me for later on. 

This is me, Casey, born and raised in Albany, NY. For someone who grew up wanting to move as far as California, I've found myself just a few miles north from home to Ballston Lake, NY. Here I am raising my own two kids, Christopher + Ellie, with my husband, my other half, Dave. And I can't forget our infamous pets, our dog Taco + cat Waffles. I guess we kind of, sort of, really love food in our house. 

If I'm not doing what I love, I'm with the ones I love. Or you can find me at Target. Oh how I love me some Target! Honestly, my idea of an awesome "me" day... playing 80's + 90's music on my way to Target, cruising all aisles with coffee in hand and then head home to redecorate... in comfy clothes with my favorite couple on TV... Jo + Chip of course! Pretty exciting stuff, right?!



Yes, I was that little girl that always had a camera, I posed my sisters or even my stuffed animals, and pretended to have my own black room in the bathroom (where I quickly learned developed photos in water don't develop more). Although, I can't say that's how I found myself finding a career in photography. I had my son at a very young age and while being a mom, a wife and working, it was hard to find time for myself. So I asked my husband for some guidance one night and the first thing he said... photography. I actually found myself the next day with my little point-and-shoot camera and started shooting anything and everything. I truly found what I was longing for and an unknown talent that soon surfaced. 

My personal photos eventually turned into sessions, to portraits and events, to even weddings. In October of 2011 I decided to offer my services and launched Casey MacKenzie Photography. As much as I'd like to say "And that was it, I became a professional photographer!", I would soon learn the true value of hard work, dedication and drive I put fourth in following this new dream.

I knew back in high school, when career day rolled around and I had to put something down on that paper, I knew that I wanted to help people. No specifics, but help in some way.  I can honestly say that's exactly what I'm doing now. I help people by capturing their beautiful moments to have and to hold close forever.



I have these two to thank for my style in photography. My children have taught me so much in life and the way to see it. In the beginning, I didn't always know my purpose in how I would  freeze moments in time, but when it was time to put these two in front of the camera, it became pretty clear to me. Being a mom, I want to look back on those moments that are real, genuine, and unscripted. Where the imperfect times make the perfect photos.

_chriselle2e copy1.jpg

Those are my favorite photos; the ones I know I will be grateful to relive tomorrow or even years from now. The moments unique from the next and an art that I soon found myself implementing in all areas of my photography. 


And now, a family of five! World, meet Brooks!



I guess in short, you could say I'm in love. I'm in love with my personal journey, with what I do, the relationships I continue to make over the years, and the memories I'm so lucky to be a apart of. 

Whether you dropped by to learn more about Casey MacKenzie Photography or blog stalk, thank you! Your time and interest means the world to me and I hope to have the opportunity to  capture your special moments too!

xo Casey